Maybe it’s the music.. :.

November 12, 2007

Maybe it’s the music.. Maybe it’s that I’ve fallen in love with life all over again.. Or maybe it’s because I’m watching wonderful beautiful romances bloom in the gardens of my friends..

I’ve been listening to Gipsy Kings for most of today and over the weekend. The music makes me get up and dance, and fortunately, I have plenty of room to shake my booty like an idiot..  If I had a partner, I’d cause a lot of damage.

I was having a crazy daydream, about visiting a friend in Egypt, and we’d take off to Italy or Spain, and dance in the cobblestone streets.

That would be cool. The other would be to have a party at my house, and dancing to the Gipsy Kings.

I wonder where my wandering brain will take me next.. : )


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