Is it me…? :.

November 13, 2007

My little distraction is proving to be a little difficult. And I’m wondering if it’s actually worth the wondering.

I enjoy it, it gives me something to look forward to each day, but we’re each our own people, and two very different people. You could say that we’re opposite ends of the spectrum. I confess to being a demanding, high-maintenance, perhaps spoiled little princess sometimes. One boyfriend likened me to a cat, I needed to be petted, fussed over, will demand attention and be finicky. Me-oow.

It confuses me how I can be so independent and so manja at the same time. But that’s just me. I don’t need to explain myself.

Anyway, getting back, I was just wondering if it was because I was so… that I’m thinking this is all just a big fuss for a small song and dance.  Is it worth for me to keep playing the game, or should I just end all grievances now? I don’t need drama. I have enough, thank you very much. What this girl needs is some fun.

But then again, every time I get so annoyed that I want to rubbish everything, he surprises me. And I get interested again.

Okay, is it just that I’m not familiar with Bruneian dating mind games that I seriously don’t know what’s going on?

I’ve dated only two Bruneian guys in my life. The rest were an assortment I had back in London. I can seriously get behind the whole relationship with a ‘Mat Salleh’, the ins and outs of the dating game, how to tell whether it’s a fling, a one-nighter or a keepawhile, but when it comes to Bruneian guys, I haven’t a clue. Do they want all-demure sweet girls? Do I have to dial back the IQ a few notches? Do I have to cut back on the funny? I know it can’t be the boobs, because everyone loves the boobs.

Dating mind games, seriously.  Maybe I’m so out of practice, I’ve forgotten how to play. I really need to get me out of here, and onto a level playing field. Preferably London or New York. My XBox scores are pretty high there.


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  1. It ain’t you. Don’t dial back nothin’. 🙂

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