DDR Dreams :.

December 8, 2007

This may seem lame, but I wish I had a video of everytime I played DDR back when I was at my peak in London. I was an honorary member of the London DDR Afficionados, and we used to dance together at several locations. I only competed once, and I came in third for the Rookie Technical category. Not that it matters anyway.

These days, I know I could never dance as well as I did back then. The legs have gotten heavier, reflexes slower. I still can DDR my little heart out on Doubles, but I can no longer do the three or four straight sets like I used to. These days, I’m lucky enough to get through one.

You know what I miss the most? The EZ2Dancer on the top floor of the Troc, the one next to the bowling alley. Yeah. I would pwn it by dancing my favourite set of three songs, guaranteed B+ and above, “You Rock My World”, ” Like I Love You” and “Jenny From the Block.” If I was feeling crowd pleasin, “Can’t Get You Outta My Head”, “Dirrty” and “La Vida Loca.”

I really wish I had videos of all of these. Sometimes when I listen to certain songs, JT’s “Like I love you” especially, I can almost do the moves, from memory.

I know it’s silly, but DDR was a big part of my life in London. There were some days, even though I was lugging a bag of heavy books, and I was tired, I’d still make my way to Troc to play a few games just to get my mind off the crap of the day. And though I usually ended up looking like a sweaty crazy person (even in the midst of winter), nothing made me feel as good as I did after I played a few games of DDR or EZ2D.

I do indulge myself here every so often. Sometimes in the afternoon, when my mom’s not in the office, and I can sneak off. I go to Q-lap Mall to relive my glory days on the EZ2D machine there. I know it hasn’t got all the cool songs, but it’s good enough for my once-in-a-while gameplay.

I like that DDR is kinda my indulgent thing. I think I’ll still be playing it as long as I can walk on two feet. Even in New York.


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  1. Yes, I remember one evening u took me there with u.. I can’t even remember what we were out and about for that day. But I will never forget walking around and u taking me pass Soho. Lol. Din’t we stop by Troc for shisha? Was that with u? hehe Good times.

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