One night a week :.

December 8, 2007

I think we should just declare one night a week where everyone in the world should be bonking. Everyone that’s the age of legal consent anyway.

Think about it, apparently, there are more and more recent studies that state the benefits of regular SAFE sex, like:

    Lower mortality rates.
    Reduced risk of prostate cancer.
    Improves posture.
    Boosts self esteem.
    Makes a person feel younger.
    Firms tummy and buttocks.
    Keeps spouses connected emotionally.
    Offers pain-relief.
    Gives people a positive attitude on life.
    Reduced risk of heart disease.
    Makes a person more calm.
    Improves fitness level.
    Makes a person less irritable.

Among other things.

You bet your bunions, regular sex can be beneficial. So the world should just declare one night a week (I’m favouring Saturday) as the designated night to mate. Male singles form a line to the left. Female singles, pinch the butt of the guy you fancy. First fingers on the guy gets the ass for the night.

Yes, one night a week where we won’t be lonely or horny, the world gets a break from negativity and the world slows down into one big cataclysmic orgasm. Even thinking about the entire thing gets me hot under the collar. Like I wasn’t there already anyway.


One comment

  1. I’m vouching for Thursday night. hahahaha. I have no idea why. And other point to add to the list.

    Sex=Orgasm=Better sleep.

    They’d call it ‘Making Love Day’

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