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One night a week :.

December 8, 2007

I think we should just declare one night a week where everyone in the world should be bonking. Everyone that’s the age of legal consent anyway.

Think about it, apparently, there are more and more recent studies that state the benefits of regular SAFE sex, like:

    Lower mortality rates.
    Reduced risk of prostate cancer.
    Improves posture.
    Boosts self esteem.
    Makes a person feel younger.
    Firms tummy and buttocks.
    Keeps spouses connected emotionally.
    Offers pain-relief.
    Gives people a positive attitude on life.
    Reduced risk of heart disease.
    Makes a person more calm.
    Improves fitness level.
    Makes a person less irritable.

Among other things.

You bet your bunions, regular sex can be beneficial. So the world should just declare one night a week (I’m favouring Saturday) as the designated night to mate. Male singles form a line to the left. Female singles, pinch the butt of the guy you fancy. First fingers on the guy gets the ass for the night.

Yes, one night a week where we won’t be lonely or horny, the world gets a break from negativity and the world slows down into one big cataclysmic orgasm. Even thinking about the entire thing gets me hot under the collar. Like I wasn’t there already anyway.


Fuss/No Fuss :.

November 15, 2007

This week there’s a whole slew of birthday babies. With mine right around the corner, I’ve more or less started the downward emotional spiral.

I’ve really tried to just keep my standards low, and not expect anything this year. No. If it sucks, it sucks, if it rocks, it rocks.

It’s of little consequence anymore, because the older I get anyway, things don’t change. I’m still expected to be home early, blah, blah, blah, staying under the thumb of my over protective parents, and do exactly as they say.

I’m going to keep my excitement for the bigger picture. You know, that city with the bright lights? Yeah. There’s this plan forming slowly in my head. It’s the only way to make my dream come true.

So Saturday, I’m just going to have dinner out with Green, that’s fine, as long as I get my lamb and mint jelly, then I’m a happy bunny. Think I might just straighten my hair this Saturday too.. the roots are beginning to annoy me. I don’t want to get to the point where it gets on my nerves.

Someone was asking me why I don’t want to big up my birthday.. Let me put in this way, in the scheme of things, were I that important, the birthday would be big, no matter what. So I guess consequentially, I’m not really that important. And besides, I can forget about the sycophants, and control freaks, and non-friends when I move. Period. I’ve got so much to worry about personally, that sometimes, things like your birthday aren’t just really that important anymore. It’s more important to get out and get free now. I’m just tired of other people’s whims and being the so-called ‘burden’ in peoples lives.

If you wanna give me something, give me freedom.

I don’t change lives with enigmatic speaking and wise words, I don’t save people from falling buildings and car accidents.. Sometimes, all it feels like is that the only reason I’m here is to prop up my parents when they need someone to look after them, and give the rest of Brunei fodder to talk about.


That’s not my life. My spirit was too free, too wild, too untamed to ever live here in a half non-existence. I’m not afraid. I am not afraid to work from the ground up to build a life for myself. A life that I really, really want. A life where I’m not just someone’s sister or daughter, where I’m not 2nd place, where I’m not supposedly causing grief, or crying everyday on the inside. To strike out on your own. It’s almost unheard of here.
No matter how old you are, you’re still someone’s child here. People ask, “Anak siapa?”, and continually blame parents for current and future transgressions. I want to be in a place, where people see you, not your parents, where my credibility doesn’t stand because I’m this person’s daughter.

Okay, I’m tired and I’m angry, and I could probably go on forever, but I won’t.

Dear parents,

If you love me, set me free.


Your wayward, independent, free-spirited daughter.


Lit Match + Your Butt :.

October 2, 2007


What the hell is going on with you?? You’ve virtually slowed down to a standstill.. You’re not doing anything, you’re not even dreaming of the big picture anymore.. WTF! Get your ass out of your chair, head out of the clouds, and stop indulging in the repetitive DESTRUCTIVE behavior again!

Now go and DO SOMETHING USEFUL with yourself!

No love,



Cross Posting & a confession :.

September 25, 2007

I’m developing another site, atm.. What! you say, Another one!

Yup, another one. The great thing about this site is the sort of anonymity that it affords me. I am almost free to write what and how I want because unless you know who’s behind all this madness and ramblings, you’re really not sure. And you only know who I am, if you know who I am.. if you get what I mean. So I can write (whine) on and on about everything and anything.. and unless you’re really curious about who I am or I happen to be talking about you.. no one cares. My opinions go out into the black without so much as a whimper. People who think is worth reading will come back, others will just have wasted mere minutes of their lives. And for those who do come back, I am grateful.

My other site, (of which I will not post the address here, but you are welcome to ask me for it) came about because I realised earlier this month that I had a piece of gifted internet real estate which I had not done anything with for almost a year. So out of guilt, I installed wordpress and a photo gallery, and my plans are to keep a minimally functioning blog there, and photo albums full of pictures I have taken over the years, especially the ones during Hari Raya. So I’ll be giving out the address on little business cards so people can grab their pictures later on. The only thing that sux0rZ is that I’m not in very many of those pictures.. Well, good photographers (and bad ones like me) are rarely ever in their work..

So I’ve been taking posts from here and posting them over there, the not so opinionated ones of course. Because I need to put something there. That site is going to be very public, so I’d rather keep my more personal thoughts and opinions here. I am going to bore everyone with review and summary of every Stargate SG-1 episode.. hahaha.. Seriously.. I am. I’m just going to review all my favourite shows and movies there, and here maybe, if it’s cross-post-worthy.

Right I have a confession to make.. Yesterday, some asshat was parking in my space. I was tired, bad-tempered and freaking pissed, because I had a lot of stuff to carry, and I wasn’t in the mood for some ‘If the space is empty, just park in it’ shit.

So I may have ‘accidentally’ scratched his car…

It was a happy accident, my handbag has a couple of metal buckles on the front pockets, so as I was walking by the car, the buckle caught and made a little scratch in the paintwork.

Not my fault, but he was an asshat in the first place.

I wish it had been a bigger scratch though.


Buy the bottle.. :.

June 5, 2007

I just found an auction which I find absolutely hilarious.. but it makes me sound really, really sad..

There’s an Iced Tea Bottle from China which is being sold on eBay for.. wait for it.. The grand price of 4.99, pounds that is..

The thing is it has Hayden Christensen on it, as it was part of the promotional campaign for ‘Revenge Of The Sith’.. So the hardcore fans would view it as a collectible..

Now, I have that very same bottle, sitting on the shelf of my vanity at home, because I was in Beijing shortly after the release of the movie.. I had about 6 of those bottles, but my mom threw away the rest because she thought they were a waste of space (says she who is a pack rat and a half!)

The only reason why I kept those bottles was because I couldn’t bear to throw away anything with Hayden Christensen’s face on it.. sad, I know.. but true..

Dammit mom, I could have pocketed $100 just for those farking bottles! All for just 12 yuan too.. MEH!

Along the same line of unbelievable shit.. a trading card is being listed for 800 quid.. Hah.. Good luck to whoever buys that.. Hopefully it will be me after I make my first million.. hehe


Frustration :.

June 3, 2007

I got a lot of ideas and words floating around in my head, but by the time I’m seated in front of my laptop, everything just flies out the window.. and all the pretty words and well formed paragraphs disappear.. It’s like some eff-ing bad writer’s block McNasty. *sigh* Nothing that I really want to write is coming out..

Coupled up with some really bad body issues. Every single hang up that I have seems to me multiplied by factor 10, despite the fact that I know I’ve been doing some really hard work at the gym, and I should know better.. But I just feeeeeeel sucky.. Oh yeah, Miss Universe on tv just now.. would give any sensible girl an eating disorder.. and many a man a freaking bad hard-on..

No rutting jedi mind powers can save me right now.. I am so ‘Dark Side.’

I need a holiday, not like that’s going to happen anytime soon though..  I’m easily pleased.. A weekend at the local Beach resort will do.. Fluffy beds with bad pillows.. a gorgeous bath with a view of the sunset.. a few friends.. and lots and lots of sleep.. Ah.. I could live with that..

Either that or a short jaunt to Singapore.. of course that would mean endless eating.. but hey.. I’d sacrifice my calorie counting for the sake of a little R & R.. and I’d get a week’s pass at a local gym..

It’s that whole.. working hard and getting nowhere issue, I suppose.. Yeah.. you know what.. I’m going to take some leave and head out.. I think this restless soul just needs a little adventure..


Protected: Just because I’m hurting, it shouldn’t interfere in your life :.

June 1, 2007

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