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Doomsday is here (SPOILER ALERT) :.

September 29, 2007

Doomsday DVD cover

After searching high and low, and scouring every reputable DVD shop in Singapore, I managed to get my hands on this movie.

Let me say, the packaging is fantastic. The one that I got has this holographic Superman bursting out of his chest shield. I had this movie less than 6 hours, and I couldn’t wait anymore.. I had to watch it.

At first wash, I was disappointed with it. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I have very high expectations for this, after all, it is one of the storylines that I treasure, and have pored over a thousand times. It is one of the most beloved storylines in all Superman history.

But after putting aside my initial reaction, and looking it objectively, it holds up as a pretty solid story. It is a partial re-imagining and a film adaptation of ‘The Death of Superman’ storyline. The DC Comics version was very detailed and had a rich tapestry, with a lot of sub-plots that had to do with 4 Supermen, a red haired Lex Luthor II, Supergirl, and Jonathan Kent, the Justice League but these were all trimmed out, to get to the essence of the story itself, which is the death of our hero, and how he prevails.

I liked the fact that the animation style they used in most of the DC cartoons these days, and the animation itself was amazing. The switching camera angles, and the use of CGI simply enhanced it, instead of being the focal point, which is all too often the case these days, unfortunately. I actually wonder how much of it was hand animated, because it was just so wonderfully done. The tone of the movie is definitely dark, and a lot of animated characters met their end in carnage, this is one cartoon you shouldn’t let the kiddies watch just yet.

Adam Baldwin and James Marsters were definitely brilliant casting choices for Superman and Lex Luther respectively. Baldwin, almost has three characters to play, and switches between them with slight nuances but makes each portrayal of the character individual. In one scene, where he is doing the voices for both Superman and his clone or, Dark Superman, the careful delivery did make it seem like it was two people talking. So kudos to Baldwin.

Marsters, and I do have a soft spot for him, does justice to Luthor, and portrays him, as I always imagined his voice to be, down to the exacting smugness. He is deliciously evil. The film almost takes Luthor to a new level, one of that he exacts personal physical revenge on Superman, and had it been a lesser or a weaker portrayal, would have been disappointing, but Marsters delivered well, and perhaps should be a defining point for all prospective players of Luthor. (Okay.. maybe that sounds too biased!)

I am disturbed by Heche as Lois Lane. Was it the fact that her voice was annoyingly grating or nasal.. or is it just that Heche’s performance felt like one emotion, almost bratty. A lot could have been done with the character of Lois Lane, especially with the romantic ties she has with Superman, but it was one dimensional at best. It didn’t help that her part of the storyline was the weakest and very misguided. The way the relationship between Lois and Superman felt artificial as the writers chose to play that Lois and Superman were seeing each other romantically, but Superman had not told her about his alternate identity, until the end.

Another casting choice I was disappointed in was Swoosie Kurtz as Martha Kent. Kurtz did give some emotional element to this, but again, I felt it was downplayed. The directors should have chosen a more mature voice for her. Another point that I’m sore with is that Jonathan Kent was cut out completely from this re-imagining, when he did play a pivotal part in the entire comic storyline. I honestly would have liked to see that in there, and it would have made a good hour and a half into an excellent 2 hour movie. I have one question, What happened to Doomsday after he died? It was almost like he was forgotten altogether even though he was the other main power player in the film. It was almost that after he served his purpose, he had melted away, giving him no more purpose than Deus Ex Machina. The writers should have given him some screen time after, or have his body disposed of. Superman had his funeral, Doomsday didn’t even get reburied? Unreal. Oh yeah, and the disturbing scene in a hairdressing salon, was a little shot, a good homage to the mechanical Superman would have been if he had ripped out the damned lead thing through his eye.

Despite that. Superman : Doomsday did satisfy my inner fangirl, with a creative and well told rewrite. It did serve the purpose of a stand-alone movie in all of the Superman franchise. I am looking forward to watching all of the DVD extras when I get back, to get a glimpse of what the producers were thinking when they decided to take on this distinct storyline.

Final Judgement: This gets a four out of 6 claws, a nice storytelling that should have been longer and more thought out, but done well, that Superman fans will be happy to have in their collection.


Eric Hutchinson – Rock & Roll :.

September 26, 2007

I just love this song.. I can’t get enough of it.. so much so.. I had to cross post this here.. hehehe.. Enjoy, my fair peeps.