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Mrs. Jake Gooberballs :.

October 21, 2007

Jake Gyllenhaal is so hot.. I think I’ve said this a few times before, but I wanna have his babies.. He cooks, he’s funny, and he looks good in a dress…  and I wanna have his babies.. hehe..

You have to watch this interview of him on Letterman. Then you’ll understand why I wanna be Mrs. Gooberballs.


The New Frontier :.

September 29, 2007

Right, I was watching the Superman : Doomsday DVD extras and I am now totally excited about Justice League : The New Frontier, another DC direct to video feature animation, which will be released in early 2008.

JL : TNF  is set in the 1950’s and bridges the gap between the Golden and Silver Ages of comics in the DC universe. There will be a variety of characters in the feature, most notably: Superman, Wonder Woman (WOOO!), Green Lantern, Batman, The Flash and Martian Manhunter. Kyle McLachlan, Lucy Lawless and David Boreanaz will be playing Superman, Wonder Woman and Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern respectively.

So far, I think the actors chosen suit the characters. I know I had a lot to say about Anne Heche as Lois Lane, my complaints were justified when I watched the DVD extras. Heche put on a layer that was absolutely not needed in the voice acting. She overthunk it. And she blew it, as far as I’m concerned. But in that short feature, I felt that McLachlan really  was suited to be the voice of 50’s Superman. Considering that era, you need a completely different, performance, and I do believe McLachlan will live up to it.

I’m not quite sure about David Boreanaz as Hal Jordan. Besides Buffy and Angel, I haven’t seen much of his work. He’s hot and he does brooding well, but we’re talking Hal Jordan here. He’s a character of so many levels. I cried when he became Parallax and I wept some more when he sacrificed himself in Final Night. I know we won’t be seeing all of this in the film, but I will be expecting a lot from Boreanaz if he’s going to do Jordan right. Yeah, especially since we’re not going to see ANY of those brooding good looks.

I saved the best for last. Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman. Lucy effing Lawless. THANK YOU! If I had to pick anyone to voice WW, besides myself, it would be here. Lawless has proven herself as a strong warrior woman character in ‘Xena’ and I have no doubt she will ‘bring it’ for Diana. Following the disappointing news that Jessica Biel might be cast as WW in the live action film, Lawless is WW’s saving grace. I would love to see her take the mantle of WW once, in real life, but the role  in the live action film needs to go to an unknown (like me for example!). Come on Routh did it for Superman Returns, I’m sure there’s plenty of unknowns (like me), who would give the character the layers needed (like me).

Right, fanboys and fangirls, mark your calendars for January 28th, because that’s when TNF hits the stores.. I so cannot wait already..


Doomsday is here (SPOILER ALERT) :.

September 29, 2007

Doomsday DVD cover

After searching high and low, and scouring every reputable DVD shop in Singapore, I managed to get my hands on this movie.

Let me say, the packaging is fantastic. The one that I got has this holographic Superman bursting out of his chest shield. I had this movie less than 6 hours, and I couldn’t wait anymore.. I had to watch it.

At first wash, I was disappointed with it. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I have very high expectations for this, after all, it is one of the storylines that I treasure, and have pored over a thousand times. It is one of the most beloved storylines in all Superman history.

But after putting aside my initial reaction, and looking it objectively, it holds up as a pretty solid story. It is a partial re-imagining and a film adaptation of ‘The Death of Superman’ storyline. The DC Comics version was very detailed and had a rich tapestry, with a lot of sub-plots that had to do with 4 Supermen, a red haired Lex Luthor II, Supergirl, and Jonathan Kent, the Justice League but these were all trimmed out, to get to the essence of the story itself, which is the death of our hero, and how he prevails.

I liked the fact that the animation style they used in most of the DC cartoons these days, and the animation itself was amazing. The switching camera angles, and the use of CGI simply enhanced it, instead of being the focal point, which is all too often the case these days, unfortunately. I actually wonder how much of it was hand animated, because it was just so wonderfully done. The tone of the movie is definitely dark, and a lot of animated characters met their end in carnage, this is one cartoon you shouldn’t let the kiddies watch just yet.

Adam Baldwin and James Marsters were definitely brilliant casting choices for Superman and Lex Luther respectively. Baldwin, almost has three characters to play, and switches between them with slight nuances but makes each portrayal of the character individual. In one scene, where he is doing the voices for both Superman and his clone or, Dark Superman, the careful delivery did make it seem like it was two people talking. So kudos to Baldwin.

Marsters, and I do have a soft spot for him, does justice to Luthor, and portrays him, as I always imagined his voice to be, down to the exacting smugness. He is deliciously evil. The film almost takes Luthor to a new level, one of that he exacts personal physical revenge on Superman, and had it been a lesser or a weaker portrayal, would have been disappointing, but Marsters delivered well, and perhaps should be a defining point for all prospective players of Luthor. (Okay.. maybe that sounds too biased!)

I am disturbed by Heche as Lois Lane. Was it the fact that her voice was annoyingly grating or nasal.. or is it just that Heche’s performance felt like one emotion, almost bratty. A lot could have been done with the character of Lois Lane, especially with the romantic ties she has with Superman, but it was one dimensional at best. It didn’t help that her part of the storyline was the weakest and very misguided. The way the relationship between Lois and Superman felt artificial as the writers chose to play that Lois and Superman were seeing each other romantically, but Superman had not told her about his alternate identity, until the end.

Another casting choice I was disappointed in was Swoosie Kurtz as Martha Kent. Kurtz did give some emotional element to this, but again, I felt it was downplayed. The directors should have chosen a more mature voice for her. Another point that I’m sore with is that Jonathan Kent was cut out completely from this re-imagining, when he did play a pivotal part in the entire comic storyline. I honestly would have liked to see that in there, and it would have made a good hour and a half into an excellent 2 hour movie. I have one question, What happened to Doomsday after he died? It was almost like he was forgotten altogether even though he was the other main power player in the film. It was almost that after he served his purpose, he had melted away, giving him no more purpose than Deus Ex Machina. The writers should have given him some screen time after, or have his body disposed of. Superman had his funeral, Doomsday didn’t even get reburied? Unreal. Oh yeah, and the disturbing scene in a hairdressing salon, was a little shot, a good homage to the mechanical Superman would have been if he had ripped out the damned lead thing through his eye.

Despite that. Superman : Doomsday did satisfy my inner fangirl, with a creative and well told rewrite. It did serve the purpose of a stand-alone movie in all of the Superman franchise. I am looking forward to watching all of the DVD extras when I get back, to get a glimpse of what the producers were thinking when they decided to take on this distinct storyline.

Final Judgement: This gets a four out of 6 claws, a nice storytelling that should have been longer and more thought out, but done well, that Superman fans will be happy to have in their collection.


Superman-Doomsday : Amazon Exclusive :.

August 24, 2007

There’s an exclusive interview with James Marsters about Lex Luthor on

Click here to see it..

More details about the upcoming DVD and the trailer here!

DVD will be out September 18th! Mark your calendars!


Sexy Sheppard :.

August 22, 2007

Everyone just pause, and look. *sigh*

John Sheppard

Lt. Col. John Sheppard comes in second of my list of Sci-Fi hotties.. The first of course, being Dr. Daniel Jackson (yummy Michael Shanks!), but since his series is now defunct, I only have Atlantis to keep me warm at night. And boy, does it ever!

Yes, I fancy Joe Flanigan, even if his little stint on ‘Dawson’s Creek’ did seriously creep me out. I didn’t think I was going to like Atlantis because of my love for SG-1, but I find the show seriously refreshing and entertaining. And the fact that Joe Flanigan and Paul McGillion are so easy on the eyes does help.. (Not to mention Beckett’s delicious Scottish accent, it’s enough to make a girl’s legs go weak..)

I’m just starting to watch Season 2 of Atlantis after finishing Season 9 of SG-1. I’m really, really trying to hold off viewing Season 10 for as long as possible. I’ve already read the episode summaries on, so it’s not like I don’t know what’s going on.. (Yeah, it’s weird, I actually like plot spoilers before I watch something.. I think it’s cos I’m a Global thinker..) , but I can’t bear to watch it because I know it’s the end. And I have only more Atlantis to look forward to.. well, and waiting for the DVD movies to come out..

In the meanwhile, I’m really liking Atlantis, so much so, I did the geek thing and ordered a couple of the Atlantis Decals for my laptop.. so it looks all cool, just like the laptops in Atlantis… Yup, I think I’m ready for the Atlantis Expedition.. Daedalus, take me away!


Triple 07 :.

July 7, 2007

My sister got the call that we made the list for the NBT Treasure Hunt late yesterday morning.. I’m excited.. and a little relieved.. A little adventure this weekend will keep my mind off the trouble in paradise..

I finally got to see the ‘Star Wars’ episode of ‘Robot Chicken’ last night… hehe.. some new stuff, some old stuff I’d seen before.. but funny.. I was amazed at the number of guest stars they had.. among the list : George Lucas, James Van Der Beek and Breckin Meyer.. Very cool.. Click here to check it out.

4 more days before the Harry Pothead.. er, Potter comes out! *squee!* I don’t care, I like reading Harry Potter.. I will be one of the first few to raid Best Eastern when the new book comes out 10 days after the movie.. WHO DIES???? I hope it’s not gonna be a Buffy ending though.. Harry dies, and gets resurrected by magic.. But whatever it is.. please let it be the thickest book EVAR! I read the last volume in less than 12 hours.. I was obsessed.. I couldn’t sleep until I finished it.. I really get annoyed at myself when that happens.. Eyes say sleep, brain says.. NOT YET!

Disappointed that Nathan Fillion’s series ‘Drive’ has been canceled, and the last two episodes were dropped from the viewing schedule in the US.. (Wtf is wrong with Fox? They’re stewpid.. dropping Firefly, and then Drive? Stewpider than Sci-Fi.. Ranking top in the list of all time stewpid networks..!) It had a really great premise, and I’m interested to see how Fillion portrays retired, racing driver with a secret.. woo.. It has to be as good as ‘Captain Tight-Pants.’ Yum! And I’d watch him in anything really just to hear him speak in that accent of his.. DIRTY! Well, I’ll just have to wait ’til they release it on DVD to see.. In the meantime I can catch him on the big screen in ‘Waitress.’

Okay, is it me, or is Shia LeBeouf strangely hot these days? Yeah, I know his stock has gone up since Transformers, but I actually liked him in ‘Constantine.’ If you didn’t know, he was the annoying brother in ‘Evens Stevens’ on Nickelodeon.. and he was amazingly annoying.. but brilliant.. He’s really grown into his ‘man-face,’ while some of us are still trying to not look like we’re in our second adolescence. Him and Hayden Christensen are lucky.. they got hot in their 20’s. Anyway, can’t wait to see him in ‘Disturbia’.. Guy sure knows how to pick his roles, a good mix of character AND mainstream.. means appeals to many markets. He is sure gonna be Hollywood Hot Stuff.. hope he does stray in the way of the Lohan…

Apparently, shopping on eBay is cooler since it’s in the movies, Transformers in perticular. I’ve known that for ages.. I eBay, a lot. And I have faith in the Brunei postal system.. a little on the slow side.. but I’ve received everything I’ve ever ordered online.. and the customs people are nice too.. They’ve seen so much of me the last few months, they know me by name.. Last thing I bought on eBay : A pair of Paris Blues embroidered jeans, and a pair of Levi’s Rock Star dark denim wash jeans. Total price plus shipping : B$98. Total price in U.S stores : US$94. Getting current, cool, original clothing in your size, without paying the price of a plane ticket to the U.S : priceless. Can you see the bargain here? Can ya?

I’ve been Star-confused lately.. I’ve been missing my Stargate.. (I miss all my DVDs, a friend of mine borrowed my Seasons 1 -8, and he hasn’t been able to give it back yet..) so I’ve been reading a lot of Stargate Fanfics (mostly slash and of course, shippers!) and the Kirk Vs Picard Fan written stuff.. It is so good.. Makes me wanna go to Joey’s and pick up a few seasons of The Next Generation. The best part : Wil Wheaton, celebrity blogger and Geek extraordinaire, (I don’t have to mention his other title.. you already know what that is..) acts out a few scenes.. *sigh* I love Wil.. Not only is he my geek leader and the blogger I aspire to be.. but I totally had a crush on Wesley.. when he wasn’t being annoying.. Oh, come on.. I am geek and proud, and don’t care.

Our only female cat gave birth a couple of days ago, to six, SIX! cute kittens. Everybody say AAAwwwww! I am so proud of Cici.. I hope these ones survive.. The previous ones didn’t.. I have new fuzzy friends… YAYE!

Right.. that’s everything I have to say for now.. Lay-ters..


Whedon on auction! (Flan Rant Part II) :.

June 28, 2007

AUGH!!! For the Merciful Love of …..

The Whedon himself…  on eBay.. could anything be any cooler? (Well, Hayden Christensen in my bed would be top of my list..  but anywayyyy.. )

Joss Whedon eBay

Click on the image for more details.

San Diego, I hate you!

Man, this is like.. the 3rd time today I’ve been really disappointed..

First of all, I was the last to know about one of my special peoples coming back home. And that person has met with everyone but me. I no feel speshul no more.

2ndly, I found this heinously cool shirt on eBay, ‘It’s Not The Jedi Way,’ and the seller don’t ship overseas. I cried, begged and cajoled. To no avail… *sigh*

And the third and the biggest one would be the above thingy…

Oh for bleedin’ %$#&!!! sakes…

Powers that be, it ain’t that I’m ungrateful for all y’all blessings and stuff.. but y’know.. I’m just waiting for the shitstorm of the last 7 years to pass over, and it looks like there ain’t no end in sight..  I’m just wondering.. if y’know.. you could send a few of those clear sky days my way.. I’d be mighty grateful, and some of us that have been suffering more than most would like to see the light at the end of the tunnel, cos there sure ain’t been one for so long..