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September 22, 2007

I think y’all know by now, I’m a Browncoat. A very proud one. And I like to collect stuff associated with Firefly/Serenity. A few months ago, I ordered one of the Limited Edition run of Serenity Blueprints, and I had been patiently waiting for the little yellow card that meant that I could go to the post office, and collect my precious. The months came and went, and I was sad.. because I was afraid they had gotten lost in the mail. The Post Office hadn’t let me down yet, and I was hoping they wouldn’t let me down this time either.

And they didn’t.. because I got a pink card in the mail today.. you know the ones that say 2nd Reminder, and I didn’t remember receiving the first card.. But I didn’t dare hope..

But when I saw the long poster tube coming towards me, I just hella excited.. Like little girl in a candy shop excited. I nearly squee-ed in front of the entire post office.

If you’re wondering what the big deal is, it’s this:

Serenity blueprints (click to embiggen)

It’s detailed blueprints of ‘Serenity’, signed by the creators, Geoffrey Mandel (Serenity graphic designer) and Tim Earls (Serenity set designer). Everything you would ever want to know about the beloved Firefly class ship.. and mighty useful, if you ever wanted to build a ship.. hehe.. Were I a rich girl, I would totally build a full size replica treehouse (or “treeship”) for me.. er, my kids to run around in.. Nah! Who needs kids.. just me, Me, ME!

There were 750 pieces in the limited edition, and I have one of them.. Which is really damn shiny.

My next pet purchase is going to be a set of Ship’s Papers.. you know.. in case I ever build that replica size ship, and some purplebellies from the Alliance decide to give me hassle..  For now I can only drool from afar.. Click here to check out the gallery..

No power in the ‘Verse can stop me!


All Hail The Whedon! :.

June 23, 2007

It’s Joss’ birthday today.. I was gonna honour the great master by staying in and having a total Whedon-fest.. Watching Firefly, Serenity, Toy Story, and dig out my old VHS Season 1 & 2 of the Buffster. But as it turned out.. I have other plans now.

It seems that some of the sellers on eBay have cottoned on to this fact, and started selling some great stuff..

There’s an auction for a brand spanking new ‘Firefly’ Promo crate with all sorts of cool goodies… These are hard to find because they were sent out as promos for the then new series.. All proceeds go to Equality Now, one of Joss’ favourite causes. I’d give my eye-teeth to get my hands on it.. Heh.. geddit? Eye-teeth? Vampire? Anyone? *sigh* Nvm..  Clickies here to check it out.

For those collecting the Serenity comics :

1) A signed Bryan Hitch Jayne Cobb Variant.

2) A Summer Glau signed River Tam Variant.

3) A set of 1-3 Serenity Comics w/ Cast signed poster. 

There’s also a crew jacket, an Adam Baldwin signed Serenity t-shirt, and other great stuff.. If you’re a Firefly-Serenity collector, it’s worth taking a few minutes to search for this stuff to add to your collection.

Meanwhile, in Browncoat friendly places in the ‘Verse, they’re holding screenings of ‘Serenity’ and ‘Can’t Stop The Serenity’ events… *sigh* in honor of Joss’ birthday and to raise money for ‘Equality Now.’

So whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re having a great day. Joss.. Happy Birthday..


When a guy loves a geek :.

June 7, 2007

Dear readers,

When it comes to love, I hope you will find someone who loves you full and complete, who will absolutely do anything to make you happy, even though that person doesn’t really understand it.

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Alan Tudyk & Ron Glass Breast Cancer Teddy Bear Auction :.

June 5, 2007

They’re cute and they’re for charity, what more could you want?

Auction listings here.

Bears with autographs and photos from the likes of Alan Tudyk and Ron Glass from Firefly and Ryan Hansen from Veronica Mars, as well as several other folks are still available for less than $50!

I’d bid, but unfortunately, I’m refraining from buying anything this month because I’ve got to put my money away towards bigger things..

Details of future auctions and main site here.


Sweet surprises are made of these.. :.

May 30, 2007

 Who doesn’t like surprises in the mail? I ask you, who?

As I was at the post office this morning, opening the parcel for the customs lady, I was wondering what it was because I hadn’t ordered anything on the Internet recently.. and certainly not books, as was listed on the parcel label.. I nearly fainted when I opened up to find..

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I love parcels :.

May 24, 2007

I especially love parcels with Serenity stuff in them..

Yay! My Serenity Alliance Currency Pack w/ Map o’ Miranda arrived today.. *woosh* Brilliantly fast shipping..

Now am thinking how to display it.. Might want to make a shadowbox thing out of it..

Or frame it even…

Either way, if Mal and his crew ever stop by this side of the ‘Verse.. I’ll have the credits to pay him.. heee!


Flan Rant (Where do you think Brunei is?):.

May 21, 2007

It’s hard being a Browncoat at the edges of the ‘Verse.. or in this case, on the other side of the world.. in a country uninformed people think is:

a) in the Middle East (no, Brunei is NOT Dubai & just because oil is our main export doesn’t mean we each have an oil well in our backyards)

b) full of lush tropical jungle so that must mean that the residents live in trees (like wtf? I have Internet, so explain THAT!)

c) Muslim Extremists (Hayll no! I draw your attention to the country’s full name which is Brunei Darussalam, Darussalam meaning ‘Abode Of Peace.’)

d) Dar-el-Salaam in Tanzania (It has happened, my family was once stopped in London Heathrow because the officials there couldn’t read AND were cavemen, like, Hello! You work at an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. We nearly missed our connecting flight thanks to them!)

For more information about my beloved country, clickies here please.

Anyway, the reason for this rant is that, I realise I am at a disadvantage when it comes to buying stuff over teh Intarwebs, namely Firefly & Serenity stuff.. I’ve discovered that a lot of dealers on eBay won’t ship here, or they’re giving me a hard time with Money Orders and the like.. Ugh. Were it not for my almost fanaticism (or maybe I just have a highly addictive personality, either way, it’s the almost crazies), I would have long given up on collecting stuff..

I am just personally peeved because Zz is having a hard time with a vendor on eBay.. all because of me..

You know those Serenity comics I wanted? Well, Zz, the sweetheart, did some detective work, and managed to track down someone with the full set of 9 to sell.. and he won the auction.. only now.. The vendor says he can’t ship them because Brunei is not listed in the shipping calculator.. SAY WHAT? And he won’t ship to Malaysia neither, because Zz’s eBay account was registered in the UK.. so apparently he can only ship it to the UK, EH?

*Insert a lot of bad words here* So now Zz’s stressed out and disappointed.. and though I reassure him that it’s the thought and effort that counts.. I can’t help but feel disappointed myself.. as I REALLY WANT THOSE COMICS! *Grrrr!* What, do I have to move to the States or something to be a Browncoat?

My other peeve :
firefly serenity convention banner


It’s in Burbank, California on October 27th -28th. On the weekend of my birthday, there’ll be a Stargate one, same place..

You know, what sucks about it.. it’s that, as a single woman, who has no obligation and the freedom to travel where she likes, will not be able to go because I’m still under my parents thumb.. Yeah, it’s just the way things work around here folks.. And being out here.. I’m the only Firefly Serenity fan that I know of.. and who is hardcore enough to want to go.. Can you feel my frustration?

I know Zz would go with me for the sake of letting me go.. But it’s not the same as going with a fan (and I know he will get bored..) and his job means that he can’t accompany me.. Oy, The sucketh.

Maybe I need to find a new obsession..