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Superman-Doomsday : Amazon Exclusive :.

August 24, 2007

There’s an exclusive interview with James Marsters about Lex Luthor on

Click here to see it..

More details about the upcoming DVD and the trailer here!

DVD will be out September 18th! Mark your calendars!


Sexy Sheppard :.

August 22, 2007

Everyone just pause, and look. *sigh*

John Sheppard

Lt. Col. John Sheppard comes in second of my list of Sci-Fi hotties.. The first of course, being Dr. Daniel Jackson (yummy Michael Shanks!), but since his series is now defunct, I only have Atlantis to keep me warm at night. And boy, does it ever!

Yes, I fancy Joe Flanigan, even if his little stint on ‘Dawson’s Creek’ did seriously creep me out. I didn’t think I was going to like Atlantis because of my love for SG-1, but I find the show seriously refreshing and entertaining. And the fact that Joe Flanigan and Paul McGillion are so easy on the eyes does help.. (Not to mention Beckett’s delicious Scottish accent, it’s enough to make a girl’s legs go weak..)

I’m just starting to watch Season 2 of Atlantis after finishing Season 9 of SG-1. I’m really, really trying to hold off viewing Season 10 for as long as possible. I’ve already read the episode summaries on, so it’s not like I don’t know what’s going on.. (Yeah, it’s weird, I actually like plot spoilers before I watch something.. I think it’s cos I’m a Global thinker..) , but I can’t bear to watch it because I know it’s the end. And I have only more Atlantis to look forward to.. well, and waiting for the DVD movies to come out..

In the meanwhile, I’m really liking Atlantis, so much so, I did the geek thing and ordered a couple of the Atlantis Decals for my laptop.. so it looks all cool, just like the laptops in Atlantis… Yup, I think I’m ready for the Atlantis Expedition.. Daedalus, take me away!


Mara Jade :.

August 17, 2007

I was walking around smugly in Q-lap Mall with my ROTJ Luke Skywalker shirt on. I am totally working my geek, y’all.

So much so, I’ve figured out what I’m gonna name my first child..  This is so celebrity names territory peoples..

It’s…. wait for it… S.G. Wan Skywalker..  GEDDIT? Hehehe…

You know like.. SG-1, my favourite sci-fi show of all time.. Wan can be the 1 in SG-1, or Wan as in Obi Wan… Skywalker is just pretty obvious…  No?

I’ll figure out what the initials S.G stand for when the child is born…

How about… So Good? No? Seth Green? Semi Gorgeous? Sexy Gams?

In case you were wondering.. there is no way I’m gonna name my child Star Gate.

That’s just asking for trouble…

Says the same mom who names her child Skywalker.


Buffy Autographed Teen Costume Auction :.

June 7, 2007

Here’s a rare find for you Buffy fans, an autographed ‘Prophecy Girl’ teen costume on eBay,  signed by Nicholas Brendon, Alexis Denisoff, Nathan Fillion AND Joss Whedon!

I’m not sure if it’s real though.. but if it was.. That’s a find and a half!

Bid as of now is US$50, 9 days left in auction.

I for one, will not be bidding.. but good luck to anyone who is!

Oh yeah, I sent this to Whedonesque to see if them peoples would post it.. So if you have lots of competition.. NOT MY FAULT!


When a guy loves a geek :.

June 7, 2007

Dear readers,

When it comes to love, I hope you will find someone who loves you full and complete, who will absolutely do anything to make you happy, even though that person doesn’t really understand it.

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Sweet surprises are made of these.. :.

May 30, 2007

 Who doesn’t like surprises in the mail? I ask you, who?

As I was at the post office this morning, opening the parcel for the customs lady, I was wondering what it was because I hadn’t ordered anything on the Internet recently.. and certainly not books, as was listed on the parcel label.. I nearly fainted when I opened up to find..

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Where were you the day Superman died? :.

May 29, 2007

Great sons of Krypton, there’s a Superman/Doomsday animated movie? *squee!*

‘The Death of Superman’ was and still is my favourite Superman story arc..  Who didn’t read the story of Earth’s Greatest Hero (though I use the term loosely because most of the time he was just saving the U.S of A.), as it was covered in the media.. even black armbands with the famous ‘S’ were worn.. (I never got my hands on one, otherwise I would have worn it too!)

Superman/Doomsday is scheduled to be released in the U.S on DVD, for the shiny price of USD19.95, I am soo preordering mine.. I can’t wait to see how they’ve interpreted the story, how much of it will be in the movie (Will the other Supermen be in it? What about Supergirl?Are they going to reveal Doomsday’s origins? What about ‘The Radiant’? Betron?)

The other cool thing is, two of my favourite male Whedonverse actors are part of it. Adam Baldwin will be voicing Superman/Clark Kent, and James Marsters (oooh Spike!) will be voicing Lex Luthor (I know it will be a long shot.. but I wonder if he’s going to do it in an English accent!)  Not sure about Ann Heche voicing Lois though.. Big hmm over there..

May, get the hell outta here, roll on June and July! August, get moving… Please September get here soon!