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Logic Vs. Emotion: Round 1

April 2, 2007

The (mostly) logical part of me (Brain) and the (overly) emotional part of me (Heart) are having an all out turf war and refuse to listen to one another.. To think they used to be best friends. They have been driving the rest of the body nuts since… Oh, well.. anyone who really knows me can figure out when that started..

A while back, Brain was in charge, Heart took a backseat, cos the Big B wanted to make sure that Fragile H was just gonna enjoy the anarchy years, and not get all too smashed up and torn up before we got to the sort-of, maybe, possibly perhaps mature years. Brain did a pretty good job, but let a couple of guys slip through the net, and Heart took a bit of a battering.. but nothing it couldn’t recover from.. especially since there was a lot of partying to do.. YEE-HAW!

Brain and Heart decided to switch driving seats when I got back.. because Heart was worried that the Big B would pretty much eliminate all and any, (if there really were..) prospects of future partners by scaring them with big ol’ Sci-Fi Series Facts.. and Heart thought.. “Well.. since we’re home.. that’s my territory..”

Yeah well, considering I have been on nothing but non-stop rollercoasters and falling for every single guy that I encounter, I think it was a bad idea.. especially now.. Heart is on a rampage.. refusing not just to listen to Brain, but to my friends, my sister.. and pretty much anyone else who’s got their logic and emotion working in unison, worrying for me..

I don’t blame Heart.. (much..) She’s listening to my reproductive organs.. who have just gotten their act together in the last year, and make me suffer on the regular, and are plotting against me with their need to breed, with Heart.. Eee-VIL! The Triangle of Eee-VIL is eyeing up Jake Gyllenhaal’s genes for potential progeny.. but unfortunately since I’m not moving to Hollywood anytime soon, it’s kinda got WANTED! signs plastered all over for a certain member of the opposite sex that I’m not supposed to even think about, cry about, or even call.. *sigh* It’s called Tough Love, y’all.. but it’s unfortunate because I have Pink Elephant syndrome plastered all over this dude.. In the worst way..

I totally suck with straight men, y’know..

Anyhoos.. yeah.. that’s the current sitch with the three different entities in my body that seemed to have separated from the Mother Borg..

My Body is a Battleground.. who knew?

But I gotta admire little Heart.. Brain, though mostly tough thinking and streetwise, and all that.. gets sucked into what other people say, good and/or bad.. susceptible to washing.. easy on the bleach..(Hmm.. I wonder if that’s the reason why I can be so ‘blonde’..) Heart, however, gets battered and bruised and hurt, and washed up on the shore after being a shark’s indigestible lunch.. still sticks to her guns.. She’s a tough little nut to crack.. even though she does do that falling thing quite easily.. but it’s cool.. She’s been through a lot, and I know with just a little TLC, she’ll be back on the beat, faster than you can say “a million miles a minute..”

Though little Heart is taking me into a bunch of directions i don’t exactly wanna go.. I’m gonna trust her a little while longer.. Sometimes the good things are really worth waiting, and fighting for..

I’m gonna reconcile Heart and Brain soon.. I’m planning a summit for May, hopefully Kofi Annan will accept my invitation to moderate.. I hear he’s got plenty of time on his hands these days…

Thank you dear reader, for making it this far through this Gilmoresque soliloquy.. Laters..