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So kewttt!

May 19, 2007


I like this peekture cos I is havin’ black kitteh too.. Story by Tiny Cheezburger below. So funneh.

black cat

This was The Catburger, just last night. Mind you, he had already eaten his dinner an hour before.

I was opening a can of beans (to make bean salad) with the hand-crank can opener, and: “HAI!” *happitail* “IS FOR MEEH?” “No, kitteh, is beans. You no eat beans.” “Ok, momma, I go back to bedroom now.”

Two minutes later, after rinsing and draining the first can of beans, I open another. Magic Catburger appears again. “Hai momma, I just KNOW that one is for MEEH.” “No, kitteh, is still beans.” *siiiiiiiigh* “Ok, momma, I go back to bedroom again. Stop teezin.”

Third can of beans is being opened … no Catburger. So I was left to make the rest of my dinner in peace, figuring he learned that I had nothing for him. But when I sat down with my meal, out from nowhere comes The Catburger. “Y, HALLOOOOOOO THAR. Got somefin’ fur meeeh?”

Him Catburger is has a one-track mind … all routes eventually lead to his belli.


Love Bunny :.

May 14, 2007

mr fusion

So cuteeeee! Eeeeeee!

His name is Mr. Fusion. He belongs to Tofu from I can has cheezburger.

I just want to snuggles him. And huggles him. Eeeeee!


srsly.. :.

May 8, 2007

I was surfing the I can has cheezburger? site until late last night.. cos I was in serious need of giggles. Yeah, I was chuckling well into the lateness with all of the kitty, doggy and bunny peektures.. so funny. And definitely cute. Here’s another one of my favourites.. The cat is gorgeous.. and I love the eyes.. The story reminds me only too well of the morning commutes in London too.. hehe

cat on a bus


No small irony :.

May 7, 2007

you make bunny cry!

There’s one three letter word missing in that picture..

Click on the pic for more funny captioned kitty and bunny peektures..