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Save the Cheerleader, Save the Whales :.

January 24, 2008

I’m not a big fan of Heroes, or Hayden Panettiere (okay, okay, I don’t like her cos she’s dating Milo V) but I was moved by her bravery to protest about illegal whale fishing/killing in Japan. It takes guts for an 18 year old to put herself out there.. famous or not, in the face of danger to save those beautiful animals.

Hayden is selling off stuff straight outta her closet to help fund the ‘Save The Whales’ campaign to raise awareness of this cause that she’s so passionate about.You can buy her stuff at :

You so have to check out that video where she talks passionately about saving those whales. The first few seconds are of her totally wailing.

Miss Panettiere is rather petite so I couldn’t score any clothes or shoes, but I did scoop up some awesome Mophie iPod Shuffle cases, which will protect my beloved Shuffles from all the abuse I put them through. I totally love the Gen 2 Shuffles, I have 3 of them (Green, Purple and Silver), and I plan to collect them all.. (Yeah, yeah, I could just buy a damn iPod for all the money I spend buying Shuffles, but they’re just so totally cute! [Ahem, next time you guys think about buying me birthday gifts, think iPod Shuffle!] ) So soon enough, when you see me groovin’ on the street with me Shuffles in their awesome Mophie case, remember, I totally helped Hayden save the whales.

Please go check out the site, and the totally cool stuff from her closet, and if you can afford it, please buy something. Help the cheerleader save the world. Now go rack up some total Karma points.


Two cute mice, see how they run! :.

November 7, 2007

I just the most adorable mices in the world! Green took me to OGH during lunch time to check out the BCL sale.. Lots and lots of gorgeous stuff.. basically, I just dipped my hand in my purse and threw money at people there..

But I must talk about my mice.. these two cute Ty Beanie Babies mice… A grey one with a gingerbread man and a white one with a wreath. I shall name them ‘Snuggle’ and ‘Snowy’…

Eeeee… I want to hug them and kiss them.. Too bad they’re going to be separated later this month.. I’m going to send one to my gray eyed guy, and we’ll reunite them when we see each other next. Right now I’m imagining this movie-like scene, it’s snowing at the Rockafeller Centre, and people skating.. I’m holding Snuggles in my hand… and suddenly the crowd parts, and Gray eyes is standing there, clutching Snowy the exact same way I’m holding Snuggles. And you can imagine the rest.. something to do with kissing while the snow’s falling, and the mice look like they’re kissing too.

I know.. I’m turning into a sentimental softy in my old age. But maybe it’s not such a bad thing.. hehe.

That said, if I see this scene ripped off in a Hollywood movie, I’m so going to sue.

I’m just wondering if I actually have the heart to bundle up this cute little mouse, and put it in a box to send half-way across the world.

Edit: Picture added here – tikuses


Small Bytes – The Singapore Shopping Spree :.

September 30, 2007

So I’m back from the small nation with the big population. It was just a weekender, much needed and well spent. I did the two things that I do oh so well, which is eat and shop. Not necessarily in that order.

It’s no surprise then that I came back with 6 pairs of shoes jostling for space in my suitcase. And now they’re jostling for space in my very, very full shoe cupboard. I know, I know.. I’m not competing with Imelda Marcos or Carrie Bradshaw here, but I have big feet, and when I find shoes that fit, I buy in bulk. And they were on sale too..  I know nothing I say in this paragraph is going to redeem me for the shoe splurge, so I say.. I don’t care, I’m happy.. I have happy hot heels.. And hey, this time last year, I bought ten pairs.. so I definitely cut down on the quantity this time! I will be one well shod senorita come raya.. even if I am gonna be all grinchy.
I did however drop a miniscule fortune in Guess. Very blingy, but worth it.. heh. I was trying on a pair snakeskin gold and silver lamé slingbacks in the Marciano store in Paragon, and I told myself, if they fit, I’m buying the matching handbag. A cinderella moment, chorus of angels and a smoking credit card later, I walked out with shoes and handbag, and a feeling of great satisfaction. I’m a bit surprised at my purchase, because I get creeped out by lizard and snakeskin textures on handbags and shoes, but I suppose since this was FAKE, FAKE, FAKE and there aren’t any super gold and silver snakes around, well, I guess fashion before phobia.

I’m in love with this huge black canvas handbag from prettyFIT. I’ve made the transition from trendy totes to scary shoulder bags! EEEK!  I remember my cousin telling me about the day when I will want a bag so big that I can fit my head in it, plus everything else I usually shoved in my handbag. The day has come! Oh Noes! Oh well.. what can you do.. I need lotsa room to fit in my sunglassescameraorganisercardholderwalletpendrivesnotebookpensmp3playermakeupbag. Yeah-huh. And there’s still some room to pack an extra pair of shoes and my cat.. Not that I would ever shove my cat in my handbag.. but it’s a nice thought that you can do so..

I confess to also dropping a small fortune on make-up.. *sigh* It’s not like I don’t have a large case of it already.. but I couldn’t help myself.. I just wanted to update my look anyway. I know Green is probably shaking her head at me. If I remember correctly, the last time she saw my make-up case, it was medium sized and full. Now it’s super-sized and full. Eep! Note to self : Must clean make-up brushes this week in anticipation of big events to come.

Yeah, like I said.. Singapore was all about shopping.. a few things did happen that I don’t want to go into, I have to think about it first. I did however get a gargantuan bruise on my knee (I am quite famous for these, because I can be Queen of Clumsy), from smashing my knee in front of the entrance of Takashimaya. It hurts like hell, and since it’s on Day 4, it looks very nasty. All purplish and angry. I hope it disappears by tomorrow. In the meantime, I keep forgetting it’s there, so when I kneel, I get jarred with a painful reminder.

I did eat quite a lot of snacks while I was there. I think I lived on either sugary or savory carbs.. which I honestly just enjoyed because there were some treats you just can’t get in Brunei, but I couldn’t help feeling a little self-concious because of the many walking stick figures around me. Not that it ever stopped me from greedily scarfing down pretzels and brownies, but it did make me pause for a second before I washed everything down with Mountain Dew.  I remind myself now, that I wasn’t built like a stick figure. I was built like an amazon warrior. Right now, I’m an amazon warrior on hiatus. When I get back to the gym though, watch out..

I will say this, all those stick figures were looking at me because I got one thing that’s all natural which they would probably cut themselves open for. That’s right, *grabs breasts* THESE BABIES! You know you want it, and I can flaunt it, you haven’t got it, so you just bought it! HAH!

Yes, I am reduced to juvenile taunting.. but hey.. it was a good weekend away. Tomorrow though.. back to the Monday grind. *SIGH!*


Mascara By Mail : :.

July 10, 2007

I think everyone knows by now how much I love to shop online..  Hehe.. Yeah.. I am a true shopaholic.. Online, Instore, In warehouse even.. I LURVE to shop..

Anyway.. I was happy to receive my parcel du jour today.. I shopped at last week for the first time. Yes, is a member of the Sasa International Group, which has stores in some Asian countries. I’m sure you’ve seen them in Singapore or K.L. Well, I’ve been to the stores in K.L, the ones at Mid Valley Megamall and Sunway Pyramid in particular, and I’ve had good shopping experiences at both. Even though the stores were small on space, they still had quite the variety of make-up and beauty products, and I never failed to spend less than RM150 at each visit, but because there were a lot of things I really wanted.

I found about a month ago, and it was only last week that I decided to take the plunge and purchase a few things. They’re having a July Clearance sale, and you can get products from great brands from 5% – 40% off. In addition to the discounts, if you sign-up as a member on the site, you get an additional 5% – 10% off each product, and free samples. Also, you get points on your purchases to redeem in the online store, and if you spend above a certain amount, you get free shipping. So there were quite a few incentives already.

I was pleased to see a lot of brands that I used to purchase in the UK there. One in particular is Bourjois, which I can’t really find in Singapore or K.L.

Bourjois mascara

I simply L.O.V.E their mascaras.. They’re non clumpy, don’t sting my eyes, and they have these gorgeous colours that are so drama, without being OTT. Their Maxi Frange mascaras are excellent, as they have that white base lengthener, and it applies on easily with a mini comb. The waterproof version, with the beautiful orchid packaging is excellent, as I have once walked into a shower, with mascara still on, and didn’t get panda eyes or bleeds.

Atm, they’re part of the clearance sale, UP: $22, sale price $15.50, additional discount: $0.80. I couldn’t resist picking up a few of them because I love them so much! On the page they do show you the colours available. Shades are usually represented on page, so you can pick what you like without wondering, ‘How blue is the Bleu Bora Bora?’

I also picked up a T’estimo eye colour palette. They’re part of Kanebo, and they have these gorgeous office friendly colours. The palette I bought was also part of the sale. But their usual price on is slightly cheaper than usual retail price. So you still save.

If you, like me, need those variety of brushes, has a great selection online. I bought the own brand ‘smudge brush’ to get those smokey eyes right. The great thing is that when you’re selecting the brushes, that they make note if it’s made out of horse, pig or other animal hair. I selected the teklon (artificial) version.

When you check out, you can either pay by credit card or Paypal. Note that they have the ‘Verified by Visa’ logo..  Now HSBC Brunei Visa card has that input page to verify that you’re making the purchase and no one else, so you’re troubled with a few extra clicks, but you can be sure that your information online is pretty safe.

At checkout, you’re likely to get a free sample, it’s pretty random, so you won’t know what you’ll get. Make sure you log in so that you get that extra discount at check out. And if you spent that USD75, you’ll get the free shipping.

The parcel arrived intact, with labels printed. Upon opening, I found foam peanuts and the products were all wrapped in bubble wrap for that extra measure. So very happy with experience.. Would recommend.

A few peeves though.. The site is a little bit annoying to navigate. The text is so small.. on a laptop screen it was teeny!  The site is arrange in alphabetical order, so unless you know what brand and what exactly you’re looking for, you’re likely to surf for hours and not find the thing you’re looking for, just lots and lots of things you want to get. The site is graphic heavy, so it may be slow surfing for some.

Some of the prices are inconsistent. You may be paying for it less in another currency than USD, but it also sometimes works out the other way.

But I’d give the whole shopping experience a 4.0 out of 5. Very pleased.


Whedon on auction! (Flan Rant Part II) :.

June 28, 2007

AUGH!!! For the Merciful Love of …..

The Whedon himself…  on eBay.. could anything be any cooler? (Well, Hayden Christensen in my bed would be top of my list..  but anywayyyy.. )

Joss Whedon eBay

Click on the image for more details.

San Diego, I hate you!

Man, this is like.. the 3rd time today I’ve been really disappointed..

First of all, I was the last to know about one of my special peoples coming back home. And that person has met with everyone but me. I no feel speshul no more.

2ndly, I found this heinously cool shirt on eBay, ‘It’s Not The Jedi Way,’ and the seller don’t ship overseas. I cried, begged and cajoled. To no avail… *sigh*

And the third and the biggest one would be the above thingy…

Oh for bleedin’ %$#&!!! sakes…

Powers that be, it ain’t that I’m ungrateful for all y’all blessings and stuff.. but y’know.. I’m just waiting for the shitstorm of the last 7 years to pass over, and it looks like there ain’t no end in sight..  I’m just wondering.. if y’know.. you could send a few of those clear sky days my way.. I’d be mighty grateful, and some of us that have been suffering more than most would like to see the light at the end of the tunnel, cos there sure ain’t been one for so long..


Alan Tudyk & Ron Glass Breast Cancer Teddy Bear Auction :.

June 5, 2007

They’re cute and they’re for charity, what more could you want?

Auction listings here.

Bears with autographs and photos from the likes of Alan Tudyk and Ron Glass from Firefly and Ryan Hansen from Veronica Mars, as well as several other folks are still available for less than $50!

I’d bid, but unfortunately, I’m refraining from buying anything this month because I’ve got to put my money away towards bigger things..

Details of future auctions and main site here.


Twelve Inches of Wentworth Miller.. :.

May 25, 2007

Get that dirty mind of yours out of the gutter! 😉

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, everybody’s favourite inmate has been made into a doll an action figure..

action figure

(Sorry for the fuzzy image, it was all that was available!)

Now everybody can have their own Wentworth.. all for the low, low cost of USD$110 a pop.

Right now, the Hong-Kong based company are taking pre-orders.. Starts shipping in August. Click on the picture for more details..

Get your own Wentworth…