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The Small Existence :.

August 21, 2007

I was having a craving for ‘roti talor’ today, so I walked into my local Indian restaurant and ordered some, and bought my favourite bun from the bakery next door. I was all smiley, because it’s little pleasures, you know.

A lot of my little pleasures have to do with food. Jalapeno Pringles from a supermarket five minutes drive from my house. Salmon quiche from Fleur De Lis. Cottage pie from Desa Cafe right across my office. A movie night in with my favourite varieties of sushi. I could go on.. but that would be an almighty long list. I’m sure you get the idea though.

But these are pleasures to do with a small life, in a small country. Though I enjoy my small existence, it’s not enough for this small town girl who dreams of big, big things.

Though my heart is now elsewhere, I’m actually appreciating and enjoying my food pleasures more. I think when you realise that things shouldn’t be taken for granted.. You see the world through different eyes. Or different tastebuds. I just know that the ‘roti talur’ was exceptionally delicious.


Because you knew I needed it..

March 22, 2007

Zz called me at lunch today when I was alone in the office.. I was so tired, I could barely speak.. in fact, I just sat there.. with the phone to my ear.. we listened to each other breathe for a good ten minutes.. I like that we don’t have to say anything to each other all the time.. Though I’m probably one of the least silent people on the planet..

Finally he broke the silence.. “Your hair is pretty today..”

I laughed.. “How do you know that?”

“Because I feel it..”

I let it sink in.. “Thanks.. I needed that.”

” I know..”