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Ark Of Truth Trailer :.

November 29, 2007

I got damn chills down my spine just from watching this. Is it maybe because now we’re one step closer to watching my favourite team’s adventures end?

When this comes out on DVD, I’m seriously thinking about hiring a damn cinema screen just to watch it. Even if I have to watch it alone. Just to do this the justice it deserves.


Somedays, I feel like this :.

September 12, 2007

You might wanna just let it load first and watch from 00:52… Hehehe

And then there are those other days…

When I mean those other days, I mean when you’ve got a stick in your butt so bad other days that you need to be remotely stoned like Rodney to get through it..

That bad..


Sexy Sheppard :.

August 22, 2007

Everyone just pause, and look. *sigh*

John Sheppard

Lt. Col. John Sheppard comes in second of my list of Sci-Fi hotties.. The first of course, being Dr. Daniel Jackson (yummy Michael Shanks!), but since his series is now defunct, I only have Atlantis to keep me warm at night. And boy, does it ever!

Yes, I fancy Joe Flanigan, even if his little stint on ‘Dawson’s Creek’ did seriously creep me out. I didn’t think I was going to like Atlantis because of my love for SG-1, but I find the show seriously refreshing and entertaining. And the fact that Joe Flanigan and Paul McGillion are so easy on the eyes does help.. (Not to mention Beckett’s delicious Scottish accent, it’s enough to make a girl’s legs go weak..)

I’m just starting to watch Season 2 of Atlantis after finishing Season 9 of SG-1. I’m really, really trying to hold off viewing Season 10 for as long as possible. I’ve already read the episode summaries on, so it’s not like I don’t know what’s going on.. (Yeah, it’s weird, I actually like plot spoilers before I watch something.. I think it’s cos I’m a Global thinker..) , but I can’t bear to watch it because I know it’s the end. And I have only more Atlantis to look forward to.. well, and waiting for the DVD movies to come out..

In the meanwhile, I’m really liking Atlantis, so much so, I did the geek thing and ordered a couple of the Atlantis Decals for my laptop.. so it looks all cool, just like the laptops in Atlantis… Yup, I think I’m ready for the Atlantis Expedition.. Daedalus, take me away!


Sanctuary is out! :.

May 25, 2007

The first episode of Amanda Tapping’s new made for web sci-fi series ‘Sanctuary‘ is out.. Creepy and interesting, but doesn’t give much away.. and definitely too short for my liking..

You can watch the low-res version of the first episode below.. and purchase HD versions of the episodes for US$2.49 a pop. The also have lo-res for $1.99 each..

For 17-19 mins of entertainment, it seems rather pricey, but when you check out the backgrounds and stuff.. it’s like whoaa.. Very cool.. Most of the scenes are filmed in green screen, so the environments you see are CG..

To find out more about Sanctuary and purchase episodes, go to


McKay youtube contest :.

May 21, 2007

Calling all Tauri, there’s a Stargate Atlantis competition on youtube, YAY!

Watch David Hewlett and Mars for the details.. Then do the clicky thingy here..

First prize is a new Mac laptop *low whistle* and a chat with McKay himself! WOW!

Better start building my Stargate in my backyard then… Where’s the toaster and the microwave and the the video camera?

Good luck to all!