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My new baby..

April 17, 2007

I was feeling pretty needy today.. (I’ve been very, very needy these past few days..) I had called everyone I could call.. and my phone bill is gonna be huge this month because I made a few calls to the UK as well.. Cripes! I need to get to the bill before my Dad does..

Anyway.. despite the fact that a friend tried to cheer me up by getting his DJ friend to play me “Super freak” on the radio for me.. It didn’t quite cheer me up.. Stuff is still weighing in heavy on my mind.. and I was thisclose to doing something drastic again to my hair. Which I probably will, come the end of the month..

Feeling despondent.. I drove to Manggis Mall, and thought maybe a browse through would lift my spirits.. I wandered into VisionWorks.. which is probably my favourite store in the whole of MM.. The staff know me by name, because I don’t just browse.. I spend hours in there trying on and assessing and making note of future purchases.

When I was there previously, I had noticed a pair of Green Gucci sunnies that I remembered were from ’06 Spring/Summer Collection.. Today, when I saw them again, I knew I had to have ’em..

The Gorgeous Gucci

Unfortunately it’s still the middle of the month, so I’m quite broke.. but I put down a deposit to make sure that the Gorgeous Gucci’s would be mine forever more.. I can’t wait to claim them.. Until then I can admire from afar..

I know, they’re not quite my usual style.. this is gonna be my first dark green pair.. but I am quite fortunate to have a well balanced face that most styles suit me.. Visors even more so..

I already know what pair I’m gonna buy next month.. hehe.. I’m terrible, aren’t I?