Catching Up – Small Bytes:.

November 21, 2007

Whoa, Wednesday crept up on me unawares.. I guess I’ve been partying too hard. The date of doom has come and gone, my  emotional spiral has finally stabilised and I had the best damn birthday weekend ever. I’ll blog about that on a later date, I suppose.

Today is my Brother-in-law’s birthday. The quiet unassuming guy who will break out into song with his wife. I think he and my sister are a pair and a half..

My strange bruises are slowly disappearing. I have these two odd bruises, one on the upper wrist/lower thumb area of my right hand, and the other in the fleshy lower part of my left arm. Very odd. They are just in such odd places, that I can’t help but think about where I got them.

A couple of items I ordered from eBay ages ago have finally arrived. My magic moisturiser and a couple of DVDs. I’m still waiting on my hair products from the U.S and the Transformers posters for my brother’s birthday. :-/ His birthday was back in September. Can’t blame the post office though, because if it hasn’t arrived there yet, obviously I can’t collect it.

Last night, I went with Green to meet Doris to collect my ring and oogle jewelry. I bought a couple of other pieces that I’m so in love with, a butterfly pendant and a pair of pink star earrings. I’m really hoping that Doris can order the shamrock earrings for me. I wish I had bought them at the BCL event a couple of weeks ago. I’m having the ring resized, and a necklace loop made for the pendant at a silversmith. I hope it won’t cost a bomb.

I find myself missing a couple of people who are not so far away. I miss my little moments with them. Is it because that I’ve had so many of these that now I’m being greedy and wanting more? All I know is, all these little moments fan the flames, and I feel so alive because of it.

I just want to run around and feel.


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