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Save the Cheerleader, Save the Whales :.

January 24, 2008

I’m not a big fan of Heroes, or Hayden Panettiere (okay, okay, I don’t like her cos she’s dating Milo V) but I was moved by her bravery to protest about illegal whale fishing/killing in Japan. It takes guts for an 18 year old to put herself out there.. famous or not, in the face of danger to save those beautiful animals.

Hayden is selling off stuff straight outta her closet to help fund the ‘Save The Whales’ campaign to raise awareness of this cause that she’s so passionate about.You can buy her stuff at :

You so have to check out that video where she talks passionately about saving those whales. The first few seconds are of her totally wailing.

Miss Panettiere is rather petite so I couldn’t score any clothes or shoes, but I did scoop up some awesome Mophie iPod Shuffle cases, which will protect my beloved Shuffles from all the abuse I put them through. I totally love the Gen 2 Shuffles, I have 3 of them (Green, Purple and Silver), and I plan to collect them all.. (Yeah, yeah, I could just buy a damn iPod for all the money I spend buying Shuffles, but they’re just so totally cute! [Ahem, next time you guys think about buying me birthday gifts, think iPod Shuffle!] ) So soon enough, when you see me groovin’ on the street with me Shuffles in their awesome Mophie case, remember, I totally helped Hayden save the whales.

Please go check out the site, and the totally cool stuff from her closet, and if you can afford it, please buy something. Help the cheerleader save the world. Now go rack up some total Karma points.