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September 22, 2007

I think y’all know by now, I’m a Browncoat. A very proud one. And I like to collect stuff associated with Firefly/Serenity. A few months ago, I ordered one of the Limited Edition run of Serenity Blueprints, and I had been patiently waiting for the little yellow card that meant that I could go to the post office, and collect my precious. The months came and went, and I was sad.. because I was afraid they had gotten lost in the mail. The Post Office hadn’t let me down yet, and I was hoping they wouldn’t let me down this time either.

And they didn’t.. because I got a pink card in the mail today.. you know the ones that say 2nd Reminder, and I didn’t remember receiving the first card.. But I didn’t dare hope..

But when I saw the long poster tube coming towards me, I just hella excited.. Like little girl in a candy shop excited. I nearly squee-ed in front of the entire post office.

If you’re wondering what the big deal is, it’s this:

Serenity blueprints (click to embiggen)

It’s detailed blueprints of ‘Serenity’, signed by the creators, Geoffrey Mandel (Serenity graphic designer) and Tim Earls (Serenity set designer). Everything you would ever want to know about the beloved Firefly class ship.. and mighty useful, if you ever wanted to build a ship.. hehe.. Were I a rich girl, I would totally build a full size replica treehouse (or “treeship”) for me.. er, my kids to run around in.. Nah! Who needs kids.. just me, Me, ME!

There were 750 pieces in the limited edition, and I have one of them.. Which is really damn shiny.

My next pet purchase is going to be a set of Ship’s Papers.. you know.. in case I ever build that replica size ship, and some purplebellies from the Alliance decide to give me hassle..  For now I can only drool from afar.. Click here to check out the gallery..

No power in the ‘Verse can stop me!


Whedon on auction! (Flan Rant Part II) :.

June 28, 2007

AUGH!!! For the Merciful Love of …..

The Whedon himself…  on eBay.. could anything be any cooler? (Well, Hayden Christensen in my bed would be top of my list..  but anywayyyy.. )

Joss Whedon eBay

Click on the image for more details.

San Diego, I hate you!

Man, this is like.. the 3rd time today I’ve been really disappointed..

First of all, I was the last to know about one of my special peoples coming back home. And that person has met with everyone but me. I no feel speshul no more.

2ndly, I found this heinously cool shirt on eBay, ‘It’s Not The Jedi Way,’ and the seller don’t ship overseas. I cried, begged and cajoled. To no avail… *sigh*

And the third and the biggest one would be the above thingy…

Oh for bleedin’ %$#&!!! sakes…

Powers that be, it ain’t that I’m ungrateful for all y’all blessings and stuff.. but y’know.. I’m just waiting for the shitstorm of the last 7 years to pass over, and it looks like there ain’t no end in sight..  I’m just wondering.. if y’know.. you could send a few of those clear sky days my way.. I’d be mighty grateful, and some of us that have been suffering more than most would like to see the light at the end of the tunnel, cos there sure ain’t been one for so long..


All Hail The Whedon! :.

June 23, 2007

It’s Joss’ birthday today.. I was gonna honour the great master by staying in and having a total Whedon-fest.. Watching Firefly, Serenity, Toy Story, and dig out my old VHS Season 1 & 2 of the Buffster. But as it turned out.. I have other plans now.

It seems that some of the sellers on eBay have cottoned on to this fact, and started selling some great stuff..

There’s an auction for a brand spanking new ‘Firefly’ Promo crate with all sorts of cool goodies… These are hard to find because they were sent out as promos for the then new series.. All proceeds go to Equality Now, one of Joss’ favourite causes. I’d give my eye-teeth to get my hands on it.. Heh.. geddit? Eye-teeth? Vampire? Anyone? *sigh* Nvm..  Clickies here to check it out.

For those collecting the Serenity comics :

1) A signed Bryan Hitch Jayne Cobb Variant.

2) A Summer Glau signed River Tam Variant.

3) A set of 1-3 Serenity Comics w/ Cast signed poster. 

There’s also a crew jacket, an Adam Baldwin signed Serenity t-shirt, and other great stuff.. If you’re a Firefly-Serenity collector, it’s worth taking a few minutes to search for this stuff to add to your collection.

Meanwhile, in Browncoat friendly places in the ‘Verse, they’re holding screenings of ‘Serenity’ and ‘Can’t Stop The Serenity’ events… *sigh* in honor of Joss’ birthday and to raise money for ‘Equality Now.’

So whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re having a great day. Joss.. Happy Birthday..


The Long Way Home – Buffy Season 8 :.

June 21, 2007

Fortunately, when Buffy The Vampire Slayer finished it’s televised run, it would not be the last that we would hear from the world’s favourite Slayer..

Joss Whedon, working with Dark Horse Comics, is releasing Season 8, through the medium of comic books.. The first story arc, ‘The Long Way Home’, was just completed on June 8th, and I received my set of 11 Buffy comics yesterday.. I had ordered all the different variant covers, because they are so amazingly beautiful..

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Buffy Autographed Teen Costume Auction :.

June 7, 2007

Here’s a rare find for you Buffy fans, an autographed ‘Prophecy Girl’ teen costume on eBay,  signed by Nicholas Brendon, Alexis Denisoff, Nathan Fillion AND Joss Whedon!

I’m not sure if it’s real though.. but if it was.. That’s a find and a half!

Bid as of now is US$50, 9 days left in auction.

I for one, will not be bidding.. but good luck to anyone who is!

Oh yeah, I sent this to Whedonesque to see if them peoples would post it.. So if you have lots of competition.. NOT MY FAULT!


When a guy loves a geek :.

June 7, 2007

Dear readers,

When it comes to love, I hope you will find someone who loves you full and complete, who will absolutely do anything to make you happy, even though that person doesn’t really understand it.

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Joss Whedon signed prop stake :.

June 5, 2007

Here’s one for both Buffy and Firefly/Serenity fans..

A Joss Whedon signed replica prop stake..  Everybody say OOOHH!

There’s about two days left in the auction.. and as of now, it’s going for just about Au$57.

Still cheap, methinks.. for a Joss Whedon autograph..

It’s soooo tempting.. But I’d have a hard time explaining to the customs officials here why I would want a big stick with a signature on it.

Oh mannnn.. I waaannnnttttt… *sigh* But I’m saving up for a very, very special Father’s day/Appreciation gift for my Dad..  It’s only a signed stake anyway.. *sssiiiiiggggghhhh*