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Small Victories :.

July 26, 2007

In case you’re wondering.. I haven’t been wallowing in bed moping about Zz.. I’ve been so busy, that blogging has become a luxury..

I didn’t even manage to get to the gym until today.. and even then, it was just a PT session with Ian, I didn’t even have time to cardio..

A friend I hadn’t seen at the gym in a while was there today.. I didn’t even realise it was him on the treadmill in front of me.. And when I realised it was Tin tin, I wolf-whistled and told him to shake his bon-bon..  Okay, I know it’s incredibly sexist.. but we’re cool like that.

It was a good session, despite all the children in the weights room. Ian was having me do lat pull-downs, squats and push-ups back to back. So we occupied our little corner of the room.. I was doing quite well, when in the middle of my 2nd set of reps, some punk decided to use the lat pull down machine. Ian politely shooed them away, but I could tell he was annoyed. The third time around, some other child decided to try squats in the power rack, using the weight Ian set up for me. I was less than amused at that point, and Ian frustrated.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there’s no exclusivity on weights.. But at least have the courtesy to ask if we were done, and the other thing that bothered me was that by the third rep, the weight on the bar was quite heavy, and not good to start with, or for beginners, which I assumed that guy was.. (You can tell, over developed arms, skinny legs.) So for my fourth set, Ian set the weight heavy. Not too heavy for me, of course, but heavy enough to show those kids that I am not to be messed with. The thing about Ian is, he’s not heavy handed with the compliments. When I’ve done a good job, he acknowledges it.. If I’m being lazy, he lets me have it. So when he said ” Show them what you can do..” I knew that was my cue..

We’re both pleased with my push-ups.. Both in quality and quantity. No spaghetti limp arms for this girl. I was so happy that I gave Ian the lunges. You gotta give and take..  I may whine about them, but I’ll still do them.

The highlight of the day wasn’t about working out, though it happened at the gym. I had just picked up a parcel from the post office.. and inside were two pairs of jeans I had bought on eBay. At first glance, I was wary because as gorgeous as they were, I didn’t think they would fit. So after my shower, as if I was facing an enemy, I decided to try a pair on..

The fit is snug.. but I can fit into them! No grease or effort to get into them.. No sucking in, no not breathing.. I FIT INTO THOSE DAMN JEANS! I was so happy, I squealed and did a crazy half-nekkid dance around the locker room.. Had anyone walked in then, I think they would have thought I was batshit insane or something.

So yeah.. I’m getting there.. : ) One jeans size at a time!

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Fat legs and Jedi Mind Tricks :.

July 21, 2007

Okay, I lie.. they’re not really fat.. they’re just awesomely muscular. And have extremely large bones. I have gigantic bone structure, okay. God gave me Amazon build. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can never be a skinny, frail chick. I’m cool with that. I’m okay with the whole thick legs thing.. I already know that all I have to do is slip on a pair of heels, and they instantly go from chunky to sexy.. hence, why I love heels.. Even if it does make me taller than about 75% of the male population in Brunei..

Uh.. I’ve lost my point.. Oh yeah.. Legs.. I’m quite amused by the fact that since the last time I weighed in my legs have gained a kilo of muscle, and a wee bit of fat.. My arms have lost a little bit of muscle mass.. and that belly fat is budging, in small numbers.

But overall, I’ve gained muscle mass… which is why the numbers on the scale keep climbing, much to my discontent. *sigh* I know that muscle gain is good.. but I’d feel a lot better if the numbers went down.. instead of up. This is why you cannot trust your scale.. I hope that by getting a jump start with my cardio, that I’ll start losing a bit more fat mass.. and see a few more changes… preferably no more to my butt, thank you very much. I used to be ‘Bootylicious’ and now I have a flat butt.. All the better to fit into jeans I suppose.. *sigh* But I miss it so..

I was watching a guy on the treadmill today in utter fascination.. I couldn’t help it.. He ran maybe a half-hour, or maybe even closer to an hour… whatever it was, he had maintained constant speed and didn’t stop.. not for rest, nothing.. and by the end of it, he was so drenched… it was like he had just hopped out of the shower with his clothes on.. I’m serious.. that was how distinctly wet he was.. and he didn’t stop running.. not ’til he was done. I was just so in awe. It just gave me more mental fuel to want to get to that stage..

After three days of the 3:2 walk/jog, I can see a small improvement.. On the first day, my heart rate was peaking something nasty in the 180.. I noticed that it was peaking consistently at 178 today.. I really want to get that down because I’m working so close to 90% of my maximum heart rate..

I’m no athlete, though I would like to think that I am.. I don’t want to risk injury or burnout.. I’m certainly enjoying my daily gym sessions.. I feel that I have more mental focus, and peace of mind.. My headspace isn’t as dark as it’s been the past few months.. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s almost like all that excess mental energy that drives me to overthink and overanalyse everything gets burned up in the gym.. and it’s such a nice feeling.. For most of my life, I’ve never really enjoyed mental clarity in a very natural way.. I’ve always abused something or other to filter out all the noise in my mind.. and even then, it wasn’t really clear thinking, it was just a way to block it out..

Contrary to what most people think, working out isn’t a mindless thing.. I know in my head, I’m running through my goals and using great mental focus to get that extra rep, to get to the two minute mark of my jog without giving in, listening to my body and where it aches and hurts.. and I feel because of all that forced focused thinking, that’s why I’m less… nuts(?) these days..

I suppose I worry less about people and things.. I really need to focus on myself.. So I’ve been indulging in some visually gorgeous but mindless TV, making shopping lists, just really enjoying me and finding myself again..

I think the other thing I should do is get a massage.. My back is sore.. Yes, mindless pampering is good too..


Fitness Goals – One Down! :.

July 20, 2007

Back in May, I listed my Fitness Goals that I wanted to achieve by the end of the year.

I can cross out one from my list.. Yay!

a) Be able to do 5 chin ups

b) Be able to squat my bodyweight

c) Reduce my bodyfat by 5%

d) Be strong enough to do a proper handstand

e) Be able to do 20 proper push-ups

f) Hold the plank for 60 secs

g) Be able to bench press 40lbs (on the 45lb bar)

Though I had already done that last week, I just checked my list today, and thought it was worthy of celebration.. That is such an awesome feeling, to know that I can cross that off my list.. I think it’s probably the easiest one though..

I think I need to work on my chin-ups/pull-ups more.. I’ve been neglecting that for a while.. Maybe that should be my next goal hit up.

I’ve got to decide on my reward now..  I’m thinking haircut.. colour, get a few waves in… I love Van’s haircut in the 2nd Season of ‘Dante’s Cove.’ Sexy sunbeach waves.. I haven’t really had anything but straight hair for a while.. Change would be good..

Right, it’s late, and I’m off to bed, I’m tired from today’s fun and games…


Learning to run :.

July 19, 2007

Two days of cardio in a row.. an emergency cropped up and I had to send my parents to the airport, so I missed out on my PT with Ian..

I was thinking of trying spinning again, but there were only intermediate classes today, so I gave it a miss.. I wasn’t about to jump into the deep end without at least trying to last through an entire class. I may try that next week..

I’ve mentioned before that I have trouble running.. I have some weird thing with my hip, where it locks up.. but jogging I can just about do..

I’ve started jogging for two minute intervals on the treadmill.. It’s kind of scary to see how fast my heart rate just shoots to about 180.. I didn’t realise I was that ‘unfit.’ Well, time to change all that..

I’m doing a jog for 2 min/walk for 3 min.. It’s a comfortable pace I can keep up.. Before, just rushing up a couple of flights of stairs used to wind me.. The fact that I can keep pace for 2 mins, is a pretty big improvement.. I have to admit, there were a couple of times that I got winded and ended up shaving 30 secs off my jog time.. But it’s the first week, you know.. We shall make improvements as we go along..

There was a guy beside me earlier at the gym, he had been running for 30 mins.. and I could only look on in envy.. I mean, come on.. in a 2 min jog, I was as drenched as he was at the end of his 30 mins..

When working out, you can’t really compare yourself to others, you got all body types, and people who have been working out for years and newbies.. It’s okay to be a little competitive, but you don’t wanna be such a smart ass, that upon seeing a guy squatting 150 lbs, you think, “Hey, I can do that!” when you’ve really only been lifting a week.

Though I envy those people who can run for miles without breaking a sweat, I know I myself am capable of getting to their level, it’s all a matter of keeping up, improving a little at a time.. and habits have got to change.. I don’t expect miracles, especially since I still smoke.. That’s one habit I really have to kick.

But I’m happy with what I’ve achieved the last couple of days.. I’ve been to the gym three days in a row.. that’s one more day a week than I’ve been going for a couple of months. If I go tomorrow, it will be two. And when I hit the gym on Saturday to PT with Ian, that will be three. Take it one day at a time.. Add another minute, an extra rep, an additional lb on the bar. Don’t let the setbacks and disappointments get you down.. Keep moving forward.. At each goal, celebrate your achievement, and look forward to the next one.. Don’t stop, don’t stop believing, and above all, don’t stop achieving..

Yes, this is becoming a slayer, the hard way..


The importance of eating well.. :.

July 7, 2007

This is going to sound like some high school health class b.s.. but man, I understand it more than ever today..

This entire week and a bit, I haven’t been looking after myself.. junking out.. indulging… eating what I want when I want.. just really following emotional highs and lows..

I have never felt shittier in my life..

What’s the difference, you say? It’s not like you haven’t eaten this stuff before.. Yeah true..

But since I’ve started the gym thing, I’m a little more careful and conscious about what I eat.. More healthy food.. less junk.. and really, it’s made a difference.. Energy levels wise.. I was pretty much a sloth back in the UK.. I ate so much, and yet, I never had any energy.. I needed naps just to keep going through the day.. I woke up, I ate, I went to sleep, I just didn’t feel like doing anything else except watch TV, and maybe wander out of my room in search of my friends, every so often.. and that was to eat more junk..

When you think about it really.. I was eating kebabs smothered in mayo and dripping with grease, mashed potatoes, maggi, mee goreng, lots of rice with overcooked vegetables (Brunei Hall meals) and there was really nothing that had any real nutritional value, except the vitamins I took which my deluded self thought was enough to keep a body healthy.. It’s not..

Nowadays, it’s less rice, more raw vegetables and fruit, less fried stuff, more fish, less carbs, more protein.. Except for last week…

Here’s how the days went down that lead to the workout which I felt I almost could not keep up with:

Monday : Along with normal meals, mee goreng and Ruffles and Dairy Milk chocolate minis.

Tuesday : Normal meals, assorted malay kueh in between (shitloads of sugar), a gelato from dreamcones, keropok

Wednesday : Lunch out, sushi for dinner, more Ruffles, even more chocolate.

Thursday: Crap lunch, sushi dinner (with extras), and 3 sugar loaded drinks in the evening at coffee stops.

Friday: Heavy lunch (mostly carbs), Heavy dinner (even more carbs), chocolate and more Ruffles.

Saturday: No breakfast, hot dog from Jollibee for lunch.

And then workout..

I had no energy.. admittedly, I haven’t been working out for a week and a half.. but it usually the weeks off do not affect me as much as it did today.. I was struggling through 50 sit-ups.. I usually can do 150.. My strength was cut in half.. My recovery times sucked..

I think it was the food, honestly..

Let me put it this way.. It’s like expecting a Ferrari to run like a Ferrari, but putting crude oil into it. It’s gonna run, very badly, or worst, it’s gonna go haywire..

Yeah, my Ferrari, definitely not running smoothly today… manakan.. you expect your body to perform the amazing feats it does, while running on chemicals, too much salt, and not enough nutrients.

Lesson learned, moving on.


A.M Sweat fest :.

May 31, 2007

It’s a public holiday today, so I figured that I’d fit in an A.m workout because everybody’s going to be hitting The Mall, and parking would be a problem.. Actually trying to even get near The Mall would be THE problem, traffic would just be murder..

The gym was pretty quiet, except for the Britney Spears music being blasted over the speakers. Please. What happened to all that cool rock music they were playing before? I don’t hate Britney but I’m not exactly looking to listen to her greatest hits while I’m pumping iron.. It just so doesn’t go.

Did my ‘animals’ today.. and mixed things up with my workout.. Is it okay for a girl to say that I felt extra sweaty today? I don’t think it was exceptionally warm in the gym today.. But I figure I’m probably not used to working out so early and  I kind of went out without really having breakfast.. just some chocolate milk.. and 100 Plus to sustain me during the workout.. Bad habit, I know.. I’m so used to not eating in the morning.. But that’s got to change so I bought some strawberry flavoured oatmeal to start the day with.. If only I remember to eat it!

Gawd, I totally hate fcuking mountain climbers..though I can do more now.. they’re still a fcuking thorn in my side.. like I need my shirt riding up everytime I do them, or problems with my shoes flying off. I’ll still do them though.. I just have a huge bone to pick with Ian when he gets back.

I managed to do 25 box jumps straight. I am pleased with myself.. (still loathe them though..) My heart rate was a massive 189 bpm after though.. Oy..  The things we have to do..

I think my stamina’s gone up.. and I know there’s changes in my arms. I’m still not happy with my middle though. I’m not trying to be extreme skinny.. God knows that I can never be that.. Though I do have a little envy for those girls with thin arms and tiny bods.. I have to accept that I am nowhere near that. God blessed me with the bone structure of an Amazon, and hopefully the strength of one too.. I’d be happy with a flatter middle.. and I will work to get it.

Auntie Flo came to town today.. explains why I was so emotional last night, and pretty bloated last week, and very spotty right now. *sigh* The monthly trauma of a woman. I need a massage, a facial and a call from my boyfriend, dammit!

Small victory today.. Last month I couldn’t fit into my favourite jeans.. (excessive muffin top, ugh!) Today, I could. even though they were still a bit on the snug side (no muffin top though!).. but hey.. the waist was loose! More deadlifts and squats, and soon they will be loose.. though I’m not too sure I want that to happen.. but hey, any reason to go shopping right?

Come on, Wannabe, you’ll be a slayer soon! If not Wonder Woman!


Crunch time :.

May 31, 2007

Yes Buffy.. it’s time to do your reverse crunches.

Workout was just a little off today.. I forgot to do my set of ‘animals’ warm-up stretches: the donkey, cobra, scorpion, frog and inch-worm. I don’t know the real names for the exercises, I just do them. I have to remember to do them tomorrow.. I always forget because I’m used to running straight into the weights after warm-up. I sure do gosh darn love my weights.

Today was all about the 50’s : deadlifts, push-ups, reverse crunches, etc..

I kinda skipped the box jumps today because I arrived late, and there was a class in the fitness room. I also skipped my shoulder press and switched them with upright rows instead. I’ve been trying to try them since I read about them in M&F Hers. Could only do two sets of 10, because my wrists have been bothering me lately. Note to self: consult Ian about this.

I added squats and pull-ups as well.. to switch it up.. still need to work towards my fitness goals..

A little bit of good news though.. all the work I’ve been investing at the gym has paid off.. I weighed in today with Ayeth, and to my great glee.. I’ve lost a couple of kilos.. Yaye! And this is the first time since I started working out that my BMI has dipped below 30. Gotta be grateful for small goals. Have to keep working.. want to show Ian some good results by the time he gets back from holiday.. so maybe I should just focus on the Buffy-ing and not worry about the defective social life. Go with what’s working with me right now.

Go for gold, Buffy..