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Dear self, must work harder :.

May 24, 2007

Last workout with Ian today.. Except for the box jumps, everything was great.. Until weigh in time *sigh*

The last time, it was bad news.. Today, again with the bad news.. He wouldn’t tell me the details except that I’ve gained nearly a kilo of muscle.. Bad news can only mean fat has gone up again..

Crap.. Well, been eating a little too much lately.. so I need to eat less, cardio more..

Really want to make a difference before Ian gets back.. We’re already scheduled for the 9th..

Must not be too down by this, after all, I’m happy with the muscle gain.. It’s nothing that I can’t fix anyhow..

Keep going, Buffy..


Flan Rant (Where do you think Brunei is?):.

May 21, 2007

It’s hard being a Browncoat at the edges of the ‘Verse.. or in this case, on the other side of the world.. in a country uninformed people think is:

a) in the Middle East (no, Brunei is NOT Dubai & just because oil is our main export doesn’t mean we each have an oil well in our backyards)

b) full of lush tropical jungle so that must mean that the residents live in trees (like wtf? I have Internet, so explain THAT!)

c) Muslim Extremists (Hayll no! I draw your attention to the country’s full name which is Brunei Darussalam, Darussalam meaning ‘Abode Of Peace.’)

d) Dar-el-Salaam in Tanzania (It has happened, my family was once stopped in London Heathrow because the officials there couldn’t read AND were cavemen, like, Hello! You work at an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. We nearly missed our connecting flight thanks to them!)

For more information about my beloved country, clickies here please.

Anyway, the reason for this rant is that, I realise I am at a disadvantage when it comes to buying stuff over teh Intarwebs, namely Firefly & Serenity stuff.. I’ve discovered that a lot of dealers on eBay won’t ship here, or they’re giving me a hard time with Money Orders and the like.. Ugh. Were it not for my almost fanaticism (or maybe I just have a highly addictive personality, either way, it’s the almost crazies), I would have long given up on collecting stuff..

I am just personally peeved because Zz is having a hard time with a vendor on eBay.. all because of me..

You know those Serenity comics I wanted? Well, Zz, the sweetheart, did some detective work, and managed to track down someone with the full set of 9 to sell.. and he won the auction.. only now.. The vendor says he can’t ship them because Brunei is not listed in the shipping calculator.. SAY WHAT? And he won’t ship to Malaysia neither, because Zz’s eBay account was registered in the UK.. so apparently he can only ship it to the UK, EH?

*Insert a lot of bad words here* So now Zz’s stressed out and disappointed.. and though I reassure him that it’s the thought and effort that counts.. I can’t help but feel disappointed myself.. as I REALLY WANT THOSE COMICS! *Grrrr!* What, do I have to move to the States or something to be a Browncoat?

My other peeve :
firefly serenity convention banner


It’s in Burbank, California on October 27th -28th. On the weekend of my birthday, there’ll be a Stargate one, same place..

You know, what sucks about it.. it’s that, as a single woman, who has no obligation and the freedom to travel where she likes, will not be able to go because I’m still under my parents thumb.. Yeah, it’s just the way things work around here folks.. And being out here.. I’m the only Firefly Serenity fan that I know of.. and who is hardcore enough to want to go.. Can you feel my frustration?

I know Zz would go with me for the sake of letting me go.. But it’s not the same as going with a fan (and I know he will get bored..) and his job means that he can’t accompany me.. Oy, The sucketh.

Maybe I need to find a new obsession..


Parking Peeve :.

May 18, 2007

I hate it when people nab our reserved parking space.. It means that I have to drive around looking for one.. Today it was 15 minutes.. Those 15 minutes in a hot car infuriated me more than anything.. when usually I just complain to my staff about the parking idiot du jour, today I left a note.. YES! A note.. and took pictures of the damn car too.. HAHAH!

Should I post it here or not?